You May Have Heard We Won A Prestigious Award... While Also Crossing 10K Users, Unveiling A Billboard Campaign, Starting A University Roadshow, Launching A Mobile App, And More...
I am pretty excited to write to you because I have the perfect valentine’s gift for you. Do you know that you could be the proud owner of a 2021 Apple…
As we're kicking off our second act, we talk our projected TVLs, user growth, and what we did and didn't accomplish in 2021
From The Launch Of The Industry's First High Yield Aggregator, To Our Groundbreaking Mobile App, To Month Two Of Africa's Largest Hackathon, We've Got A…
Xend Finance Mobile App is now live!
Xend Finance Hackathon Workshop
Product Development Story by Ugo Aronu, Xend Finance CEO.
Xend Finance Hackathon Workshop
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