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We are honored to have you be part of our journey towards bringing stable savings and higher interest earning abilities for credit unions and cooperatives around the world – particularly in underserved regions in developing countries.

Now, we promised you brevity, so let’s get to it!

Binance Invites Xend Finance To Go On An Africa Roadshow

Currently, our CEO Ugochukwu Aronu is doing a month-long roadshow with Binance and the Binance Smart Chain team. The “Binance Smart Chain Africa Tour 2021” goes through five countries throughout January: South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya. We consider it a huge honor to be partners with Binance to advocate for further blockchain advancement in Africa. Also, we are forever thankful that Binance chose to be one of our earliest investors! 🥰

More information on the tour can be found on the Binance Nigeria Telegram group.

Our Incentivized Testnet Gets One Final Competition For Cash Prizes

The four-week Xend Finance Incentivized Testnet concluded on January 15, where performing a set of tasks and tests gave participants a shot at earning 200,000 $XEND, along with weekly contests for cash prizes. During the contest, people from over 75 countries participated 🤯 and our leaderboard page became one of our highest-trafficked pages! Your enthusiasm is truly humbling and we are grateful for all the tips and suggestions that led to some big UI/UX improvements.

Among some of the changes implemented:

  1. We added multi-language support for the website, so now you can use Xend Finance in English, Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian.

  2. A comprehensive dashboard chart where members can see their savings portfolio distribution across different strategies in one glance.

  3. Light and dark mode, depending on eye sensitivity.

  4. Searchable cycles feature that will enable users to sort and search cycles & groups by different parameters such as group name, cycle deposit amount, and cycle status, amongst others.

If you still want a shot at $150/$100/$50 video contest prize this week, here are the details! 👇

Introducing The Xend Finance Reddit Page

Having launched just over two months ago, we could never have imagined how quickly our social media community would grow. Our Telegram (1.3k) and Twitter (2.5k) community has some of the most active members for a startup with only two+ months of activity! If you haven’t already, please follow us there. Also, our Medium and, of course, subscribe and share this newsletter. 🗞👨🏾‍💻

Now, we’d like to introduce our new Reddit page, where we just got done hosting an AMA to kick things off! You can meet the team here. (Personally, that Kevin Leu is a real stud. I’d want to ask him loads of questions. 🤣🤣🤣)

Well, thank you for being a part of something truly special. We have grand visions, but that cannot happen without your support!

Kevin Leu
Head of Marketing