Can You Believe What Xend Finance Did?!?

$XEND TGE, Exchanges, TechCrunch, Coindesk, Partnerships, New Website, And More In This Jam-Packed Fourth Monthly Newsletter

Honestly, it’s hard to figure out where to start—so much has happened the past month—culminating in our new website launch yesterday! It’s been quite a whirlwind, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As the first – and only – DeFi credit union platform in the world, the opportunities are boundless and it’s imperative that we seize the moment. 🎯

So, let’s give you a rundown of only the most important highlights! 🥳

$XEND TGE And Mainnet Launch

Our $XEND token offering couldn’t have gone any better. Following the largest public sale round in Balancer LBP’s (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) history and the most successful SHO (Strong Holder Offering) on DAO Maker, $XEND began trading on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap. Since then, $XEND has been listed on AscendEX (formerly BitMax),, and PancakeSwap, amongst others.

Before you say it, yes, we are talking with other exchanges, but the process is not immediate and the listing pipeline is narrow. We appreciate your patience. 🙏💆🏻

During our $XEND public offering, we simultaneously launched our mainnet, which allowed savers to access stable cryptocurrencies and DeFi interest opportunities. The support from our investor, Binance, was incredible, as they used their various platforms to promote our launch. ❤️

Twitter avatar for @BinanceChainBinance Chain Community @BinanceChain
The first #BinanceSmartChain company out of Africa launches their mainnet today! They're also the first #DeFi project to launch out of Africa and you can interact with the @xendfinance protocol using $BNB to pay for transaction fees:

Xend Finance @xendfinance

3x Firsts for Xend Finance starting NOW! 🤯 1. First #DeFi Credit Union platform opens to public! 2. First DeFi and #BinanceSmartChain -built company to launch in Africa🔥@BinanceChain 3. First time #XEND token available through LBP on @BalancerLabs 🦄

TechCrunch, Coindesk, Decrypt, And More

To say we are fans of TechCrunch is an understatement. As someone who has been doing Marketing and PR for nearly 20 years, I can tell you TechCrunch is the first news outlet that I open up every morning to see what’s going on in the tech world. Over the years, any time I have had an announcement, I will email TechCrunch to see if there’s interest. The majority of the time I don’t get a reply back. In nearly 20 years, I believe this is only the third time that they have covered a story I have pitched! 🤯

Therefore, please go and read the article here! They deemed what we’re doing as worthy of coverage out of the hundreds of pitches they get everyday, so we will bask in this for some time! 😁🤩

I don’t want to take away from our other coverage of our mainnet launch, which I greatly appreciate, so thank you to Coindesk, Decrypt, BitcoinKE, and many others.🤝

Also, recently,, the official news channel of Binance Smart Chain’s community did a deep dive into the first Binance Smart Chain-built company to launch out of Africa (that’s us 😉). You can read it below!

Partnerships, Partnerships, Partnerships

Normally, I am pretty critical of many of these blockchain/crypto “partnerships” – which many of them are only used as a way to build their audience base, but means nothing by way of practical use cases – but the partnerships we have formed and announced the past month all add value to our users/savers as they navigate stable cryptocurrency savings and DeFI opportunities for the first time.

ForTube, Raze Network, and Tidal Finance are all blockchain companies that we announced business partnerships with that would help enhance our product to our users. ForTube is a DeFi lending platform that enhances our DeFi offerings and helps our users make smarter decisions with their savings. Raze Network is a substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. Through this partnership we will be able to offer our users multi-levels of interest and expand our user’s privacy. Tidal Finance is a high-yield insurance platform that will help enhance the protection of our user’s assets, or savings, through decentralized asset insurance.

Of course, you can also read about our partnership with Dafi Protocol that will protect against hyperinflation in our $XEND staking model.

A New User-Optimized Xend Finance Website

Finally, we announced our new website – with more updates to come! – that improves the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) for our growing savers on our platform. We’ve also added a roadmap, $XEND token page, a press page (my personal request 😉😂), and much more. If you’re ever curious as to whether a social media profile is ours, or someone claiming to be us, you can always double check by heading to our website and scrolling to the bottom. We recently created FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn profiles. Please add and follow us!

Check it out the entire website and let us know what you think! Of course, read our blog post to find out everything that’s new.


Whew! 😅 I told you there was a lot! Amazingly, I would say I didn’t cover about 30%, but you can always go to our Twitter to see what you missed. We’re not slowing down this next month either… so stay tuned. We’re grateful for your support and to have you as part of our community. 🙏🏾

Kevin Leu
Head of Marketing, Xend Finance