DeFi Integration Takes Over Africa And Beyond With Xend Finance

Recently Closing A Real-World Credit Union Partnership And Securing $144M Staked In SHO, This Second Newsletter Is Full Of Info You Won't Want To Miss!

What a month it’s been for Xend Finance! 📈 Finally, your favorite question of TGE (or ‘Token Generation Event’ for the layman) has hit the runway. 🛫 But before we get to that, we’d love to go into the latest for our product and why Xend Finance is here for the long run.

We’ll close with how you can join our new ‘Xend Finance Warrior’ program that will give you an opportunity to earn $XEND tokens!

Xend Finance Secures Real-World Business Partnership (Not Another Meaningless “Crypto” Partnership… like the other guys 😉)

One thing that kind of bothers us about the blockchain/crypto market of 2017 and 2021 is the number of “partnership” announcements that don’t do anything but try and drive a company’s token prices up. Part of that led to the general negative sentiment – and slowdown – towards crypto and blockchain adoption after 2018. We’re happy to see the industry moving in the right direction with far less nefarious characters in 2021, but still tired of seeing a blockchain company do a daily meaningless partnership announcement.

That’s why we were excited to announce a real-world, non-crypto partnership with a large consolidator of African credit unions (Techfusion Africa) that will bring DeFi interest rates to their members through the Xend Finance platform. It’s the first DeFi partnership and integration in Africa! The story was covered by Coindesk, which you can read here or by clicking on the link above.

Xend Finance Secures New Tier-One Investors Ahead Of Mainnet Launch

In announcing our new partnership and product integration, we also brought on two new tier-one investors that believe in our mission of bringing stable currency investment opportunities to those in developing countries and helping credit unions offer higher interest rates to their members through DeFi (decentralized finance). We are very excited to have NGC Ventures and HashKey join our stable of supportive backers that include Binance and Google Launchpad.

This brings our total strategic investment raised to $2M.

Over $144 Million Staked In Our Strong Holder Offering (SHO)!!!

So, what is a SHO? Or Strong Holder Offering? Created by DAO Maker, who’s redefining venture capital and bringing it to the masses, a SHO is designed to further seed a project with a powerful community that aims to be part of the development of the company for the long run.

Through DAO Maker, the Xend Finance SHO generated over $144M in wealth staked through more than 3,200 eligible high net worth users with 14,452 tickets issued. The SHO offers allocations in a lottery format. This is a tremendous turnout and we couldn’t be more excited about our community! We also want to give our newsletter subscriber community the first look at our audit by CertiK that ensures our project is hacker resistant, while taking a deep dive into our source code. Have a look at the audit here, which helped us strengthen our entire code.

Our Social Media Communities Top 14,000!

Thanks to great organic news coverage, supportive investors, timely partnerships, and an amazing turnout for our month-long incentivized testnet, we have become the fastest-growing startup out of Africa. 🙌🏾 It doesn’t hurt that we were invited on an Africa roadshow with our investor, Binance, to help spread the adoption of blockchain technology!

Our Twitter and Telegram are now both over 14,000 members! 🤯🔥 Considering we only publicly launched in November, we are very humbled and grateful to have so many believers inside and out of Africa. Join our communities below:

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The Xend Finance Warriors Are Here!

Do you want to be part of the fastest growing startup out of Africa? And the hottest DeFi project – that already has real-world partnerships – in the world? You can read all about the details here and how to apply or click below. We’re only accepting a select few Warriors who will be eligible for $XEND tokens and much more if they are up to the task! 😉

Like we say around these parts, Xend Finance Forever! 💪🏾

Whew! That was a whole lot to say for a month. I even left some things out! Anyhow, until next month… or until we have more to announce on the upcoming TGE!

Kevin Leu
Head of Marketing